Monday, February 23, 2004

exigent, inculcate, acerbate, inveigle, borborygmous

I forgot to mention one major thing I learned from the Math GRE workshop that needs exigent inculcation: beware of answer traps! Here are two traps I fell into that really acerbated me.

1. Answers that you take time to calculate for or figure out that will lead you to, but is not, the final answer. For example, a question might require you to solve for variable x, but the answer may be in another form. The lesson here is to carefully read the question and make sure the answer you choose is the one being asked for.

2. Answers that "stand out" are likely just bait to inveigle guessers.

On a completely unrelated note, I am currently beset with borborygmus. Yes, there actually is a name for those loud stomach grumblings we occasionally have. I hope it's not due to the delectable dried apricots I've been eating.

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