Saturday, March 06, 2004

nadir, expropriate, predilection, repast, perspicacity, specious, redolent, capricious, mores, prosaic

I had a somewhat eventful day today despite getting up at 10 am, an hour later than I intended.

My day started off at a nadir. I spent 4 hours contacting realty offices hoping to look at apartments this afternoon. Unfortunately, the best I could do was an appointment for a 3 bedroom apartment tomorrow, pending approval from the current tenants. My roomates and I decided to take a stab at finding a cheaper place to live before either signing a new lease or expropriating our current apartment on May 31st. My predilection is to move to a new place if the rent will be $50 or less that what I'm paying now, unlike last year, when I prefered a spacious and comfortable apartment to a cheaper one.

I also did some major cooking. This week's repasts will be a slight repeat: baked lemon-pepper salmon, honey teriyaki pork chops and chicken breast.

After lunch I accompanied Peng on a couple of errands. We passed by the Park Street shopping area to have her titanium glasses, which were cleaved in two, replaced. Then we went to the Harvard Coop where she bought Piled High and Deeper, a very amusing comic book about life (or non-life) as a PhD.

We proceeded to the Regattar Bar to buy tickets for the Dave Holland Quintet's concert tonight, but it was closed. We then demonstrated perspicacity by having an early dinner at the Border Cafe. To our surprise we were seated immediately. Apparently the restaurant only looked speciously full from the outside. After a redolent meal of cajun fettucini and cheese-encrusted baked eggplant, we returned to the Regattabar to purchase the concert tickets. Having about an hour to kill before curtain time, we went to Planet Records to buy used CDs where I got Nebelnest - Nova Express. Shopping for used CDs whenever we go to Harvard Square is no longer a capricious activity, instead it is fast becoming one of our mores.

The Dave Holland Quintet's set was great. Their music is engaging, energetic, and far from prosaic. I love it best when the bass and drum settle on a repetitive groove while a soloist performs. Though I place about 70% of my attention and get most of my enjoyment from the rhythm section rather than the solo player.

now playing: Dave Holland Quintet - Extended Play (Live At Birdland)


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