Tuesday, March 16, 2004

renege, furtive, obtrude, sedulous, egregious, abrade, remonstrance, appurtenance, brusque, fulminate, imprecate, ensconce

My sunday plan of bathroom cleaning was reneged in favor of eating and vegging out in front of the TV watching School of Rock, which was merely mildly funny and carried entirely by an outstanding performance by Jack Black. I think I enjoyed it more than I should -- no doubt due to the many, somewhat furtive references to rock history and rock bands thoughout the movie: LedZep, Floyd, Yes, Rush, King Crimson, Genesis, and many others...rock on! \m/

So, as soon as I arrived home tonight, I made an announcement to my roommates to leave that bathroom free in an hour. I hope I didn't obtrude too much on them. After resting a while and playing a quick game of Jedi Outcast, I set out to sedulously clean the bathroom. The biggest task was the bathtub. The tub itself was encrusted with soap scum and the silicone caulk has turned from white to an egregious blackish-green color that I assume is some sort of fungus.

To abrade the soap scum, I used Tilex Soap Scum Remover, which by far is the most efficacious product I've used in cleaning a bathtub -- and I've cleaned a fair share of bath tubs over the years. Soap scum melts away like butter! ... well, not really, but it takes much less time and muscle to scrub the scum off. Tilex Soap Scum Remover is one remonstrance in truth in advertising. I used a new "iron handle" brush as a scrubbing appurtenance. Though a big help in the task, it was unstable and caused my hand to slip off a few times, prompting me to fulminate a few brusque imprecations.

To save myself from dealing with fungal yuckiness, instead of removing the blackish caulk, I decided to ensconce it behind a plastic bathtub liner. It looks great now but I worry that I will have to inevitably deal with it later.

The bathroom is now decent enough to show to a prospective roommate. Now, if only we can just manage to keep it clean for more than a couple of months.

now playing: Genesis - Wind and Wuthering


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