Thursday, April 01, 2004

eventuate, exhortation

Stage II of Lyle's Bedroom Transformation 2k4 (LBT2k4) is now well underway. The following have eventuated:

i. The computer speakers on my desk have been removed and installed in the kitchen. One can now play music or what-have-you in the kitchen by plugging in any portable audio device, thus enhancing the culinary or cleaning experience.

ii. My Aiwa component now resides on my desk, whereby I can now have good quality CD playback quality, cassette tape functionality, and kick-ass gaming audio.

iii. All cassette tapes have been removed from the CD cabinet and now line up the wall below the east window, thus giving more room to reorganize my CD collection and allowing for a modest expansion.

iv. All mass-market-sized paperback books have been removed from bookshelves and line the wall below the east window adject to the cassette tapes, thus acquiring a less haphazard-like configuration of said bookshelves.

Most of LBT2k4 Stage II was brought about by the impulsive purchase of a Panasonic Home Theater System; that is, if you consider 4 months of internet research and 2 days of hands-on demonstration at Best Buy impulsive. I had originally put off buying a home theater system till my crappy Sony DVD player finally dies. But the I came to the realization that if I start graduate school next year, I will most likely not have the time and funds to enjoy material excesses, so I might as well do so now. Well, at least that my exhortation to myself to justify the said purchase. In any case, I am currently one happy camper :).

FYI, LBT2k4 Stage I consisted of:
1. a mattress pad and new comforter and bed sheet set for my twin bed, wherein my 12-year-old (!) comforter and bed sheet set have been retired.
2. the replacement of my humongous 15-inch monitor with the sleekly l33t LCD monitor, thus effectively clearing 50% off my desk thanks to the LCD's small footprint.

Plans for LBT2k4 Stage III will include:
a. venetian blinds - cleaning or total replacement
b. unwanted books, CDs, DVDs - selling or giving away
c. unused boxes, electronics, miscellany - disposal or storing in basement
d. paperwork (school, work, bills, correspondence, etc.) - filling away
e. walls - painting and/or decorating
f. door - fixing, so that it can actually stay closed

now playing: Soundgarden - A-Sides


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