Tuesday, April 20, 2004

indolent, stentorian, suplanted, pecuniary

I've been indolent lately with my GRE word of the day, not that things have been uneventful. On the contrary, it's been a very productive week.

First off, the incessant ringing in my ear caused by the stentorian volume levels by last week's concert has subsided. It has now been suplanted by a much subdued but still constant ringing especially when it's quiet. I think my eardrums are damaged by years of listening to my walkman on maximum volume. I must remember to have it checked by my doctor.

Saturday was road trip day for my roommates and I. ("roommates and I"-- I know it's the proper way to phrase it but it still sounds funky to me.) Hertz continues to give the best rental car deal in pecuniary terms, convenience and car selection. But basically, any car with cup holders and a CD player will make me happy. We had a late start and made a few wrong turns trying to find Route 1 but we eventually got to Salem a little after noontime. In Salem, we amused ourselves by pretending everything had something to do with witches and thus inherently scary. We visited the House of Seven Gables where pretended to be awed, though none of us really knew what Nathaniel Hawthorne's book was all about. We also visited the Salem Witch Museum where we pretended to be entertained in the lo-tech exhibits and cheesy re-enactment of the witch trials. I recommend renting The Crucible instead. Still, Salem had a certain charm -- a puritanical and "provincial" town with lots of picturesque and rustic sights. Also, I reckon just being in Salem gave us chills and goosebumps on more than one occasion.

We then proceeded to Kittery, Maine, which took about an hour to drive. The restaurant we researched in the internet turned out to be closed until Mother's Day. No surprise there, I actually expected it to be closed. It's nice to know my luck hasn't changed. We quickly turned around and had lunch in a restaurant we passed down the road. The lobster lunch was the highlight of the trip, for me anyway.

Having a few more hours of daylight left, we ventured to find the Nubble Lighthouse. A fortuitous wrong turn led us to a local beach. The beach itself looked stony and lonely; the Atlantic cold and dreary -- perfect for a photo-op.

We then somehow managed to get on the right track. We passed a much more respectable looking beach with many rental beach houses and motels on the side of the road. It seems quite inviting...perhaps in the summer. The Nubble Lighthouse itself was nice, but the ocean waves breaking on the rocky beach below it was much more impressive. I'll post pictures in my website as soon as I get to it. After a few minutes of photography, we then proceeded to the Kittery Outlet Malls. This one dwarfs the Wrentham outlet malls. Having only an hour of shopping time left, I was able to get a $10 rug from Crate and Barrel for the TV room and a couple of GAP collared shirts. I was disappointed to learn that Maine has a 5% tax on clothing. The next outlet mall shopping would definitely be in New Hampshire.

I love driving.

Sunday was Kill Bill Volume 2 day for my roommates and I, and concert day for me. Kill Bill v2 was awesome, though I liked the first one better. I decided not to buy volume 1 on DVD (I'll just rent it). Instead, I'll wait for both volumes to be released. Hopefully, that version will have many bonus features. After the movie, I went to see Herbie Hancock, Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette at the Symphony Hall. The venue was a visual letdown. It looked old and dirty, and it smelled musty. However, as soon as the lights went down and the music started, it was great. Again, my personal caveats for jazz came into play: the trio would lose me with their seemingly meandering solos, then astound me with moments of brilliance.

I love concerts.

now playing: Angels in the Architecture - Various Artists


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