Monday, May 10, 2004

abscond, vitiate, extirpate, apprise, mellifluous blogger look and feel. Looks good so far.

Well, unlike previous ones, this weekend has been quite uneventful. Due to my recent bout with allergies, I decided to abscond from killer pollen and stayed at home the entire time. I've also been taking Zyrtek, which seems to be efficacious in vitiating said killer pollen and thus palliate my allergy symptoms. I may have to take back my plans to extirpate all flora after all. Now all I need to do is connive with my doctor-friend at work to get either more sample packs or a prescription for it.

I do have some good news: my boss apprised me on our recent results and it looks like we have a good paper in the works, perhaps even a cover. This pleases me greatly. To celebrate I bought Bertucci's "ultimate" pizza and a case each of Mike's Hard Lime and Lemonade, all of which I consumed over the course of the weekend. I couldn't detect any difference between the new Lime flavor and the Lemonade flavor -- both being as mellifluous as the other.

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