Friday, May 28, 2004

assiduously, privation

There are a few shows I watch assiduously and this past week marks their season and series finales:

Angel - It was a good series finale, given that the makers where only allowed a few months to wrap everything up. Unsurprisingly, nothing was really "wrapped up" per se. Instead we get a "we shall keep fighting for as long as there is breath in our body" ending. Which I think is a great ending, or, should I rather say, non-ending. As one of the best and smartest shows on TV, it will be sorely missed.

Alias - Unlike last season's ender, the climactic fight scene was not as "Holy shit! Jennifer Gardner can really kick ass!", and the cliff-hanger wasn't as "Damn you! Why did you have to end it here? Now I'll be in agony till the Fall premier!", so I was a tad disappointed. Of course, I could've just missed the point. It was a highly entertaining hour nonetheless. There were two distinct "What the hell is going on?" moments for me, the "reveals" of which were quite satisfying and reminds me of the old addage: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Well, the good thing is I won't be in too much agony (I hope) till the next season opener, which is reported to be in January 2005. I do hope to watch the first part of season 3 when they release it on DVD.

24 - Despite the privation of "edge of your seat"-ness, of a "you never guessed this would've happened" twist, and of a "geez, what's gonna happen next season?" cliffhanger, I thought it was a relatively satisfying ending. But then I thought the show should've ended at least 2 episodes ago and not drawn out like this. Or maybe that wasn't the intended effect at all? Perhaps I just didn't care much about the characters this time around. If they do pickup 24 this fall I do hope they change their premise of "the next terrorist attack" on the US -- it's getting kinda old.

Star Trek: Enterprise - A good, entertaining show over all, if a bit too predictble. The cliffhanger is nice but it seems I've seen this too many times already. The danger of doing time travel shows is that it is all too easy to do a great big "reset" in the end such that the previous events never actually happened. Here's an idea: why not make it so that the entire season 3 never really happened so that we can get back to episodic shows that is Trek's real forte. Whole season story arcs, which worked beautifully for DS9, didn't this time around. I've stopped taping this show about 2/3 of the way into the season. I now wished I saved all the Angel episodes instead. I hope they start getting better.

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