Wednesday, May 05, 2004

countervail, invective, vitriol

It is allergy season and my current allergy medicine is ineffective in countervailing the symptoms. I was in hell today: I had to process 24 mice for a biomarker study, at about 4 mice per hour, all the while suffering from sneezing, clogged/dripping nose, itchy, watery eyes. When I couldn't stand it anymore I took an extra dose of allergy medicine which made be woozy and nauseous for a few hours. The nausea abated after a while, but now the allergy symptoms are back. There is no invective strong enough to express the vitriol I now have against all pollen-bearing organisms. Since it is not an option for me to be walking around in an air-tight bubble, I've decided the only solution is to burn and decimate all trees and plants. Who's with me?

now playing: really loud air vents


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