Sunday, May 23, 2004

nettle, apotheosis

My order from ReRUSA came Saturday. I got two CDs from The Necks: Drive By and Hanging Gardens. One can now purchase ReR stuff directly from a US distributor, and for a limited time, you get a 2CD ReR sampler and shipping is free! The Necks are awesome -- minimalist, intense, mesmerizing, yet jazzy and catchy at the same time. These 2 albums each have only 1 song at about 60 minutes each. They start on a groove and interplay on that groove ad infinitum - total mindfuckery.

After a quick and expensive haircut at Supercuts I went to Newbury Comics and got a CD and 2 used DVDs:

Stereolab - Mars Audiac Quintet : not as essential as Dots and Loops or Emperor Tomato Ketchup, and sadly less tuneful as their latest album. Based on reviews of their other albums I fear that this will be my last Stereolab CD purchase, which greatly saddens me.

Van Der Graaf Generator - Godbluff Live 1975 : supposedly a capture of a great performance by the group at their peak. It just recently hit me what a great album Godbluff is. They have this intense chaos in their sound that I like. Sadly, Peter Hamill's vocals still nettle me. His squawkings are the main reason I still dislike most of Pawn Hearts. I wish he would just shut up and play.

Wait Until Dark : the classic Audrey Hepburn thriller. I remember first seeing this one late night on RPN Channel 9 and was entranced from start to finish, not only by Hepburn's noble beauty, but also by the slow-building suspense that is lacking in today's movies. I daresay that it is the apotheosis of what a suspense thriller should be like.

Speaking of suspense, I saw the Japanese film Audition last night at Maya and Andre's apartment. It starts off slow and builds to the sickeningly violent and gory climax. Twas fucking awesome!

now playing: Dreams Wide Awake


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