Monday, May 24, 2004

pall, droll

Sunday, May 17 was a good day. It was good in that it could have been a total disaster.

The day started well enough. I had just come from a Yes concert the previous night so I was still stoked even though I didn't get enough sleep. I returned my rental car and took the T to my aunt's place. Already a pall seemed to invade the morning as the sky turned overcast and a slight drizzle began. Furthermore, no one had arrived yet even though it was about 10 minutes past the designated time. I always thought it was extremely difficult to get people together and today proved no different. Jimmy arrived very soon after and Nyryan a few minutes after that. The rain had already started and won't stop until much later in the day.

And thus began the complicated, droll day:
Let it be known that Nyryan's commencement ceremonies were performed in a deluge with torrential rain and gale force winds without respite.

Wonder at the BU Psych Department as they managed to forget to put Nyryan's name as one of the graduating MA students! (Nyr approached the organizers just before the ceremonies started so she thankfully got called.)

Behold, as I managed to trip Nyryan's car alarm, before the start of the ceremonies, which didn't cease until I shorted out the batteries!

Marvel at how I managed to trip Nyryan's car alarm, yet again after we came back from the ceremonies, which didn't cease until Klia so wisely cut the car alarm wires!

Lo, for so it came to pass that the car finally refused to start as we came back to it after the Psych MA diploma ceremonies. We waited in the shivering cold for either AAA, the BU police, or the parking staff to come give the car a jump start.

But despite these and a few more technical brouhahas, we got to:
Have the car started by AAA which came surprisingly faster than reputed.

Park at a VIP only parking lot at the main ceremonies.

See Mady again. She didn't cry once despite the rain, cold, and the many strangers she had to meet. Nor did she cry when she saw me again, unlike last march when I visited her in NJ. Whatta trooper.

Eat sumptuous, classy, (and most important of all) free, VIP lunch at the BU President's Home.

Eat at a nice, new Malaysian restaurant in Harvard Ave for dinner, the menu and tastes of which rival Penang.

Proceed through the entire day without any undue, unwelcome familial incident.

Like I said, it was a good day.

now playing: Von Zamla - 1983


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