Tuesday, May 04, 2004

sibyl, lief, perquisite

Despite what some might say, my luck continues to suck. Case in point: 3 weeks ago, through sheer force of my unbelievably bad luck, I managed to render a $60,000 confocal microscope unusable for multi-wavelength capturing. Mind you, it was not because I was negligent or incompetent -- nay, the microscope rotor just decided to blow up when it was my turn to use it. It was finally fixed after 2 weeks of waiting for a part order. Then, last Friday, one of our post-docs asked me to help him use the said microscope. I naturally obliged, but, like a sibyl, I expected something bad to happen -- yea indeed, for we spent 2 hours troubleshooting and recalibrating the microscope which was "working only a few hours ago" according to the last user. To make matters worse, the aforementioned microscope is not even ours, but belongs to another department that lets others use it out of kindness and camaraderie. The head of the department popped in during our crisis, wherein the post-doc and I, being the outsiders in the room, got a lecture on proper usage of the microscope and immediate reportage of any problems. Even though I did the right thing on both instances I still feel bad that it happened during my time. So, I'd lief give up any microscope time I had lined up this week to someone else rather than touch that accursed thing again!

On much better news, I learned that DFCI will actually pay for a GRE review class from Kaplan as part of their tuition reimbursement benefit. But I'd have to take the class in September as I've already used up this academic year's benefit. This is one of many perquisites from working at DFCI.

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