Saturday, June 05, 2004


When I die I want my body cremated. This is after any usable organs have been exscinded and donated. Then I want my ashes to be scattered in the wind. No saving my ashes in an urn to be kept on a shelf -- except maybe about a teaspoonful in a necklace for my mom. But that's it.

I want only one wake where my family and friends can all gather in one room. Then I want the room to be locked and I want everyone to listen to Magma's Theusz Hamtaahk Trilogie , the Trianon 2000 version, in its entirety. Yes, all three 45-minute movements in order, one right after the other:
Theusz Hamtaahk (1st movement)
Wurdah Itah (2nd movement)
Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh (3rd movement)
Yeah, that would be cool.

now playing: Rachmaninov - dunno what piece (from my co-worker's radio)