Wednesday, June 16, 2004


My body is aching but I didn't work out last night. Strange. In fact, I fell asleep in my street clothes without brushing my teeth or taking a shower. Eww. I must've been beat. At least I got to sleep before 3 am. But now I'm up and it's only 9 am. Too bad too because I've been looking forward to using my new dumbbell set.

The Indigo Girls concert was cool. Although I can't say I'm a fan (unlike someone I know with a tour t-shirt :), I must say I was entertained muchly. Their musicianship was excellent and their performance was very polished. After a while, though, their songs start to sound the same. It doesn't help that they played an all-acoustic set, but I guess that's the charm of it. Most songs actually sound better done this way. Plus you get to hear the nuances of their contrapunal vocal work better.

It was funny seeing my boss, his gf and a couple of co-workers of mine at the concert. The korean guy enjoyed the show immensely, the french guy said it was ok but that they played the same song over and over again, my boss liked it but I can clearly tell that it wasn't really his cup of tea. At one point I saw him wandering the food stalls. Well, I was kinda wandering too - it was during one of the slow, senti songs - but my excuse was that I needed to go to the bathroom anyway ;). They won 4 tickets from a radioshow contest. Apparently, a friend of the gf's is what I term a "professional winner" - one that enters in contests and wins stuff. Chris, my best buddy back home, is one. And to some extent, I am one too. We used to win stuff periodically: tickets to movies, concerts, the NU107 rock awards, CDs, posters, etc.

Well, since it's still too early, I should get a workout in before my regular worktime becomes incipient.

Happy Birthday to my mom!

now playing: Charming Hostess - Eat


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