Tuesday, June 08, 2004

pluck, accoutre, abate, rebuff

This past week I've been workng out with surprising pluck. I think I'm starting to see results. However, I might need to accoutre myself with heavier dumbbels as some exercises have gotten easier and I now need to do more repetitions before reaching muscle exhaustion.

My elliptical started making this awful screeching sound, much like Freddy's knives on steel pipe. I'll have to figure out where that sound is coming from so I can fix it. But I fear the three year old machine is on its last wind.

I've also decided to abate consumption of diet soda and carbonated drinks in general. I'll allow myself one 591 ml bottle a day and see how it goes. Then I'll probably go on to one bottle every two days, etc. I am still too much of an addict to rebuff from it altogether. This means that I'll need to drink more water and stock up on ice tea or something. This also defintiely means more trips to the bathroom.

What's not going well is my weight. I'm oscillating between 170 and 175 lbs, often during the same day. Clearly I have to do something more, either go on a stricter diet or intensify my workout. If I can just get down to 160 again I think I'll be satisfied.

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