Monday, July 26, 2004

fecund, protract, travail, prolix, insouciant

Sunday proved to be very fecund. I spent the entire day catching up on the Kaplan homeworks of the past two weeks. It seems that the month-long program is more involved than I initially thought. It requires one to do homework at least a few hours everyday in order to be on top of the material. I shall therefore attempt to protract my daily study time in the immediate future. I do hope all this travail will pay off in the end.

Kaplan suggests memorizing 5 new words everyday. It may not seem like a lot but it is! You see, it means that once I have memorized a word today, I should be able to recall the said word a week from now. I am not able to that. I find I need to review the words constantly to really inculcate them to memory. In that case, the words that I need look at each day increases in a linear manner, making the vocab learning process dauntingly prolix in more ways than one.

Today also marks the day that stop I being insouciant with my review. It's all straight to business from now on ... well, except maybe for a drink or two to commemorate the big 3-0.

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