Thursday, July 29, 2004

redress, histrionic, cant, stand

Hah! The ceiling on the bedroom directly below Peng's room collaped due to seepage either from last Saturday night's heavy rain or from the bathroom shower. Either way, we seem to be getting some well deserved, not-sought-after, redress against our inconsiderate downstairs neighbors for months of loud, obnoxious parties.

I finally remembered what Shakeperean comedy involved cross-dressing: As You Like It. I incorrectly thought it was Much Ado About Nothing, which I saw with May two saturdays ago at the Boston Common. Looks like Boston is continuing it's annual "Free Shakespeare in the Common" campaign. The language has always been my main problem with Shakespeare. Reading his works back in school never gave me any pleasure. I thereby welcome seeing his work set in a histrionic presentation. We arrived 15 minutes late for the play and the place was teeming with people. We nonetheless found a vacant spot in the grass to lay a tarp I brought. However, our view was canted to the right and partially blocked by a stand of trees. It took me a while to glean the plot, again, because of the language. Despite that, I was entertained and amused.

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