Sunday, August 01, 2004

aleatoric, abdicate, fulgent

I recently rented Godfrey Reggio's Qatsi Trilogy and watched them in this order: Powaqqatsi, Koyanisqatsi and Naqoygatsi. Whatever the political motivations and commentary of the filmmakers, I am still greatly moved by the films' artistry. The music of Philip Glass is amazing. It reminds me of the minimalism of Riley and Reich (particularly in Koyanisqatsi) and the electronic stylings of Tangerine Dream and Michael Hoenig (particularly in Powaqqatsi). I might just pick up the soundtracks or the DVDs themselves. The film's visuals were stunning as well. There really is no discernible plot. One could argue that the images were aleatoric. The viewer is required to actively make up the connections between the images and music using his/her innate experiences and personal history in order to give them meaning. Though, oftentimes I abdicate meaning and allow myself to be entranced by the images themselves. For example, in Powaqqatsi: fulgent orange light from the setting or rising sun (the sun itself is not shown) is reflected off a slightly turbulent body of water, but all that is apparent is the light like an orgy of thousands of worms moving, elongating, shortening, appearing, disappearing, joining, separating. Then, there's the timelapse photography of the earth and sky in motion, and of the nighttime traffic in Koyanisqatsi. Stuff like that. Twas breathtaking.

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