Wednesday, August 04, 2004

evince, dross, fortnight, repudiate, derisive, asseverate

I took a sample GRE computer adaptive test from Kaplan and here's what it evinced: 780 in Quantitative and 600 in Verbal. Much better than my diagnostic scores. However, I think those numbers are amiss because, percentange-wise, I only got 71% correct in Math and 53% correct in verbal. Hmmmm...if there is verity in those scores, then maybe there's something to this computer adaptive dross after all. I'm still taking way too long in Math as I had to answer the last 7 questions randomly and with dispatch.

A fortnight till test day. Shit. I'm starting to freak out.

Wait! Stop! Derisive thinking is counter productive. Kaplan repudiates self-deprecating attitudes. We dedicated half an hour on stress ameliorating tips last week. We even had a quiz on it, dammit! So, instead, let me asseverate:

My, my, how far I've come since I started reviewing. At this rate, I'll ace the GRE come test day!

Yeah. Much better.

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