Wednesday, September 15, 2004

acidic amino acids

If I can memorize 500+ GRE words I suppose I can memorize the structures of each of the 20 amino acids. I'll start slow:

The simplest amino acid (aa) is Glycine (Gly, G):
to the "alpha" C is attached:

The acidic aa's are:

Aspartate or Aspartic Acid (Asp, D):

Glutamate or Glutamic Acid (Glu, E)



Dammit! The Muffins are playing in next year's Nearfest. That makes 2 bands that I absolutely have to go see. I really hope I'll be somewhere in north america next year, if not the US, then Canada. I mean, surely these bands must visit Canada as part of their tour.

I saw the Mats/Morgan band last friday at the Berklee College of Music. It was an amazing show. High energy, complex, Canterbury-ish music. What made the show more amazing was that it was free as the musical director invited the band as part of the college's musician's studio class. They even had a question and answer portion. I picked up their latest two albums, "On Air With Guests" and "Live".

now playing: The Claudia Quintet - I, Claudia