Sunday, September 05, 2004

The Gomori procedure

The Gomori procedure seems to be an easy way to localize and detect various enzymes histochemically. Basically, you incubate your tissue slide in the enzyme's substrate at 37 C (in a suitable buffer, of course). Then wash off the excess substrate and then place the slide in a buffer with lead nitrate. Now, the substrate freely permeates the cell, where the enzyme is supposed to react with the substrate to produce, as one of its products, a -ly charged molecule (such as a phosphate PO4^2-). The lead (Pb^2+) reacts with the -ly charged molecule and precipitates as a dark spot. I'm guessing this works only if the enzyme produces the said -ly charged molecule.

By the way, here's a neat "counting down" javascript generator. Check out the right sidebar. The countdown itself is cool. It is, however, actually making me nervous and anxious. I may take it down at some point.

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