Sunday, December 26, 2004


It is a nice thing to be pleasantly surprised. You know, when you come across something you've been waiting for a long while without seeking it out. In this particular case it was seeing Eskaton's album "Fiction" finally released (or rather, re-released) in CD format. I quickly grabbed my credit card and ordered the much awaited CD from Wayside.

Now if only the CD re-issue of the Sloche catalogue would come to fruition. Or better, the Gentle Giant reunion! One can still hope.

Other pleasant surprises this Christmas:
The Necks - Mosquito/See Through
Magma - Bobino Concert 1981 (on DVD!!!!)
Egg - Egg/The Polite Force (care of Peng. Thanks!!! Galing mo talaga kumuha ng non-existent gift certificate)

now playing: The Necks - Mosquito


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