Thursday, January 13, 2005

Return of the Curse

I thought I had broken the dreaded lyle-curse. Witness it's return in full glory:

1. I arrived at the airport an hour before the 8am flight and when I tried to check in, the ticket agent told me that my reservation was cancelled. It is most likely that the travel agent in NY failed to purchase my ticket though my name was on the list. I called the travel agent and the school but it was too early as no one answered. I left a message at the school and decided to try out my laptop wifi connection. Well, for $8 you can have wifi allthroughout the airport for 24 hours. I e-mailed my contact at the school regarding my predicament. Unsatisfied, I googled [hehe they should make "googled" a legitimate word] the travel agency, found their e-mail address and e-mailed them. I waited until 8:30am before deciding to purchase the ticket myself, all the while trying to contact the travel agency by phone. Before handing over my credit card, I asked the ticket agent to check one more time for my name. In the last second she found my name for the 9am shuttle. Looks like the travel agency was able to re-issue my ticket.

Well, all this is well and good but my efforts above proved to be futile because:

2. All flights to LaGuardia airport have been delayed due to a massive fog engulfing both NY and Boston airports and apparently the entire New England area. The 9am flight was finally cancelled and I am rebooked for the 11am. But it looks like I am going nowhere anytime soon. I have an 11am appointment for an interview at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. It is now 11:30am and I am still in Boston staring at nothing but whiteness out the windows.

Not all is lost though. With my wifi, I was able to do research on 2 faculty I'm supposed to meet. I've read up a bit on the papers I'm in and kinda formulated a schpeel(sp?) in my head for the interview. I've also been in touch with the school and they told me not too worry about coming in late.

I've even researched on the possiblity of powering my laptop in-flight. Cathay Pacific has equipped 84% of their planes with an "empower" socket to power electronic devices. Now all I need is an "empower" adaptor.

While updating this blog I'm also ripping the CDs that I brought. I may just be able to copy all my CDs to my laptop before I leave.

Thank God I have a cell phone and a laptop. Thank God for wifi too :)

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